Access to Skills and Labour





There is an evident gap between the supply of skills, competencies and knowledge in Malawi – which come mostly from the education sector and research centres - and those being demanded by the public and private sectors.  This has a knock on effect for the economic activities in which Malawi can engage – it cannot move industry away from raw commodities and towards higher quality, value addition products that can compete in regional and international markets, without increased skills and knowledge.  This TWG targets National Skills Development Plan linked to the productive economy; Labour Market Information System.


The TWG has focused on understanding the skills gap in the market. To this end, in liaison with the Manufactures TWG, they have launched a skills scoping study which will outline the scope of the demand for skills in the productive sector in Malawi, in order to develop a plan to address the shortages, including informing which skills need to be imported in the short term.


The key issue that needs immediate high level attention under the TWG is:


Need Cabinet Approval for National Employment and Labour Policy