Oil Seeds Products

The Oil Seed Products cluster includes value addition products derived from oil seeds as well as raw and semi-raw commodities themselves. The main four oil seeds where government policy is focusing are sunflower, groundnuts, soya beans and cotton. However, other oil seeds — such as sesame, palm, rubber, castor and jatropha will also be supported, but only where there are private sector interest and private investors eager to lead. Examples of value addition products based on these oil seeds include cooking oil, meals, butters, milks, lubricants, varnishes, soaps, cosmetics and paints.

The Oil Seed Products Technical Working Group (OSP TWG) is driving forward (and tracking) the various pieces of work needed to implement actions set out in the National Export Strategy (NES). These actions have been identified in the NES as necessary “enablers” to unlock Malawi’s potential for increasing Oil Seed Crops and Products exports.

The Oil Seed Products Technical Working Group (OSP TWG) has six Task Teams:

Task Teams - Driving Forward the NES Oil Seeds component

Each of these Task Teams is focusing on tracking what progress is being made in implementing key aspects of the National Export Strategy (NES) and where there is a gap in current implementation the Task Teams are organising the implementation of the necessary activities.

Some key current activities are:

Ø  Research - Putting export procedures for oil seed crops and products up on the MoIT website and the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre website.

Ø  Extension - Building a platform to share extension information (and materials) about who is working where in terms of agricultural extension for oil seed crops.

Ø  Irrigation - Linking smallholder irrigation farmers to companies producing certified seed, so that the certified seed can be produced under contract on the schemes.

Ø  ARET – Working with the Agricultural Research and Extension Trust (ARET) so they diversify into oil seed crops.

Ø  SEED – Working to create a semi-autonomous Seed Services Unit to over the current challenges in seed quality in Malawi.

Ø  Processing and Marketing – Working to overcome the skills gaps in the oil seed sector by placing students for internships in oil seed processing companies.


For more information on the Oil Seed Products Technical Working Group and its activities contact the secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.