Sugarcane Products





The Sugar Cane Products cluster includes value addition products, derivatives of sugar cane as well as raw and semi-raw commodities themselves. Speciality, white and brown sugars are the main products currently produced in the cluster and exported. There is scope for a significant increase in the production of other sugar cane products such as ethanol, rums, stouts, ales, high value sugar through branding and fair trade labelling, lactose, glucose, bagasse (briquettes, fuel, electricity and building boards), vinasse/filtercake (fertilizer), sugar confectionary (syrups, sweets, caramel etc), cane juice, carbon dioxide and cosmetics. Some of these products have export potential while others, such as carbon dioxide and electricity, could supply the domestic market.


The Technical Working Group (TWG) has focused on formulating the Sugar Cane Investment Facilitation Programme. The Programme is intended to attract at least 2 green field sugar millers each with 20,000 ha under sugar cane. So far they have formulated a draft Sugar Cane Products (SCP) Investment Facilitation Strategy. Other activities the Cluster is focused on are the establishment of a SCP Regulatory Framework and the Sugar cane Extension Programme. Once finalized, it is envisaged that the Regulatory Framework will facilitate the governance of the sector which is at the moment non-existent.


The immediate short term bottleneck that needs to be addressed in order to jump start investments in Sugar Cane Products Cluster centres on access to land.The key bottle neck to increasing sugar production and milling hence exports as envisaged in the NES is LAND. A sugar green field project will typically require about 20,000 ha of land if credible investors are to be attracted in the category of Illovo. However, the current land tenure and acquisition system in Malawi makes it very difficult for a foreign investor to acquire such tracks of land easily. The second bottleneck is resources for investor facilitation.