Procedure to register a cooperative society

A cooperative society is formed by ten or more persons having common economic and social needs.

· A group which wants to be a cooperative society notifies the Registrar of Cooperative Societies of its intention.

· Before the registration of the group, a cooperative member training is arranged, conducted by an officer from the registrar’s office.

· During the training, members are assisted to formulate by-laws of their proposed cooperative society with assistance from the officer. After the training the group submits an application for registration.

· The application is accompanied by registration fees, as prescribed under the cooperative societies regulations and three copies of the by-laws signed by the chairperson, secretary and treasurer of the proposed cooperative society.

·  Within thirty (30) days the group is notified if it has been registered or not.

·  Application fees are based on the type of cooperative, and are as follows:

            i.        Primary Cooperative         – MWK 5, 600

           ii.        Secondary Cooperative     - MWK 10,000


Entity In-charge:       Ministry of Industry and Trade

Unit In-charge:         Cooperative Section

Location:                 Gemini House,

                              City Centre


              People In-Charge:        Kenneth K. Matupa

  1st Floor, Rooms 13


  Chezani K Otaniele

  1st Floor, Rooms 9


 Chris Kalingwenje

 2nd Floor, Rooms 22


 Henry A Mandere

 2nd Floor, Rooms 31