Frequently asked questions and answers

1.   How do I get an export/import licence?

-      The applicant is informed that the whole process starts with the Ministry of Agriculture where they are given a letter of no objection. From there, they submit the letter to the Ministry whereby we prepare a memo that is submitted to the Ministers office for his approval or rejection.

2.   How long does it take to process the import/export licence?

-      A licence may take two days if it fully meets the requirements.

3.   How much does one pay for the import/export licence?

-      There is no processing for this type of licence.

4.   What are the products that require an import/export licence?

-      All those products that do not appear on the revised list of export products do not require an export licence but an import licence is still granted to products as outlined in the Control of Goods Act.

5.   What is the validity of the licence?

-      According to the Control of Goods Act, an export permit is valid for 3 months while an import permit is valid for 6 months subject to an extension if there is enough evidence that the applicant did not exhaust his consignment.

6.   Can I process the licence in your Blantyre office?

-      No. the process is only centralized at the Ministry’s headquarters

7.   Who is eligible to apply for the import/export licence?

-      Any applicant is eligible to apply as long as they meet the requirements

8.   Do you have any contacts details for those countries that buy agricultural commodities like beans, groundnuts and soya beans from Malawi?

-      The Ministry does not provide this information because most applicants do not divulge such information on their applications.