Overview of the Industry Department


·         To promote the development and growth of industry in both existing and potential sectors

·         To sustain Malawi’s comparative advantage in the industrial sector

·         To increase the supply of value-added goods and services 


·         Increase industry contribution to GDP 

·          Improve manufacturing of  higher value added products


·         New rural companies to be established

·         A number of companies attain ISO Certification

·         Malawi National Accreditation Service established and operationalized

·         Industrial register developed

·         District and area Industrial profiles developed

·         Increase number of small companies linked to big companies

·         Increase number of new value added products created in the industrial production sector

·         More companies to be assisted in modern branding and packaging

·         Companies assisted to acquire new production machinery for modernization

·         Ensure  new investment and expansion of investment injected in the manufacturing and industrial sector

·         National Productivity Centre established and operationalized

·         Factory Shells to be constructed

·         More non traditional products identified for production and promotion

·         Ancillary industries to be established

·         More industrial clusters established

·         More new industries registered for EPZ scheme

The department’s main objective is to transform the economy from a predominantly consuming and importing to a manufacturing and exporting one. To achieve this desirable objective the department mainly focuses on the implementation of the following two programs: Industrial Development and Rural Industrialization





To promote, support and facilitate the development of industry in both existing and potential growth sectors thereby increasing supply of value-added goods and services for domestic and international markets while sustaining comparative advantage









To promote Industry for sustainable economic growth